• 13 year old boy with physical and intellectual disabilities whose father cares for his wife and five children requests assistance with ALAC membership for swim therapy $395


  • 21 year old homeless woman who has been working for last few months but due to life stressors and lack of transport is on brink of losing employment. Requests $350 for driving lessons. Paid as cornerstone application to Palmerston. 


  • 50 year old man with physical and mental health issues following a marriage breakdown and major ongoing health issue which has left him unable to work or pay bills, seeks assistance with utility costs and car rego. $1,020 paid. Referred by Dept of Human Services.


  • Young family traumatised by a history of abuse which has left father out of work immediately after the birth of their child due to ongoing mental health issues. Seek assistance with household bills and Foodbank credit. $1267 paid. Referred by Palmerston.


  • 38 year old mother of three children seeks assistance for emergency dental work for one of her children (hospital visit and surgery fees). Paid $2706.


  • Young person with long history of mental health issues including self harm seeks assistance to attend DBT sessions with headspace. $750 of taxi vouchers to attend therapy sessions as cornerstone application to headspace.


  • Emergency Foodbank credit for homeless couple who are couch-surfing just weeks before new baby is born who haven't eaten in days. $200 store credit.

  • Bond assistance and rent in advance for 40 year old mother under financial hardship who is on waitlist for social housing but has opportunity to flee family violence situation and move in with friend. $1050 paid as cornerstone through Anglicare.


  • Single mum fleeing family violence situation seeks assistance with minor car repairs to ensure independence and ability to transport kids to school. $321 paid.


  • Emergency accommodation and Foodbank credit for homeless couple who have found place to stay with family. $650 in costs.


  • Single mum who has escaped previous home due to domestic violence, now on minimal income, seeks assistance with windscreen repair and minor mechanical repairs. Paid $957


  • Single mum with two children who survives on parenting payments and suffers long term mental health issues due to abuse suffered as a child seeks assistance with relocation costs. ACF pay $590.40 as cornerstone application to Palmerston.


  • 44 year old man seeks assistance with rent arrears after being left in private rental he could not afford after his relative was imprisoned. Anglicare shares in payment of arrears, ACF paid $465


  • Single mum in financial hardship living on disability pension seeks assistance for minor car maintenance costs. Referred by Albany Women's Centre, ACF paid $807



The following are second round recipients, who we continue to support.

  • Homeless woman who has left abusive relationship. ACF assisted her in late 2017 with payment for a storage unit whilst she obtained transitional housing. She is now in secure accommodation but seeks assistance with payment of insurance excess following unfortunate vehicle collision with a kangaroo which has left her without a vehicle to attend appointments with support agencies for mental health services. Referred by Anglicare. $500 

  • Homeless man achieving success in his tertiary studies against the odds. ACF assisted him in late 2017 with minor dental and optical costs. He has now been offered accommodation in the new Student Housing facility in Stirling Terrace and sought assistance to pay security bond, plus basic household items such as linen for his move. Referred by Dept of Human Services. $936